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In regions with higher pollution levy rates, firms tend to lớn have lower pollution intensity.

To implement comprehensive economic and social policies, the state must levy standardised taxes, keep systematic administrative records, and enforce uniform rules across its territory.

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Thus, the programmes were always implemented to lớn levy quick revenues.

The owners levied tolls on all merchant shipping which made use of the lights, and in many cases grew rich from the proceeds.

In 1987\88, from a sample of ten rural councils, development levy, crop cess and business licences contributed 77 per cent of the revenues.

The measure was passed in 1956, creating a new payroll tax levied on employers and employees to lớn finance the new program.

In the longer run rẩy the crown would find a radical solution of a kind, levying much higher taxes and establishing a monopoly of violence.

Fines would be levied by a vote of finance ministers, with the transgressing nation excluded from voting.

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Enterprise taxes were levied not on the total output or one of the inputs used in production but on the activity as a whole.

These issues need to lớn be resolved to lớn ensure the effective collection of the cốt tông levy and the proper researching and management of seed production.

Taxes on some products, such as grains, were levied on the output because the tax collectors could easily measure the harvested output.

Public hospitals, which tend to lớn be located in urban centres, levy varying levels of user charges according to lớn the class of ward chosen.

Furthermore, before 1854 export taxes were only levied on cattle hides.

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However, looms that broke down could result in damaged cloth, and thus could cost piece-rated workers dearly, both in fines levied and in time lost.

This is based primarily on the corporation archives and on a tìm kiếm of all surviving livery company and parish accounts, and each levy is sourced.

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