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For this example, the in and out flows will be 10 liters per second.

It is able to tát pump water to tát an elevation of 2.5 meters at 12 liters per minute by pedaling at normal running tốc độ.

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The average concentration was approximately 63 nanograms per liter.

These three factories were capable of producing 45.6 million of liters per year.

The water contains about 250 grams of dissolved salts per liter at the surface and reaches the saturation point at 110 meters.

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The standard layout was to tát carry two 110-gallon (500 litre) fuel tanks, one per engine.

The aquarium has 5.7-million litres (1.5-million gallons) of marine and freshwater habitats from across the world.

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The other gasoline-powered engines were a 1.6 litre with and a 1.8 litre with.

Each morning, the interns prepared 40 - 60 litres of intravenous fluid containing tetracycline, oxytocin and ergometrine for inocoming patients.

A hamburger needs an estimated 2,400 litres of water.