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Single-mode fiber, on the other hand, is aimed at long-haul networks where power efficiency is of prime importance.

Our message on meat imports is currently advertised on seven million ticket wallets for long-haul destinations.

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There is no doubt that airlines were greatly impressed by this tour, which showed how flight times could be halved on many long-haul sectors.

Firstly, is air rage a long-haul or a short-haul problem?

No new runways for 10 years will mean that airlines will gradually trade slots used for regional services for use by higher revenue long-haul services.

It seems lớn bủ grossly unfair that long-haul passengers should pay exactly the same as those on short domestic flights.

We certainly hope that it will be eased when the new long-haul building is built and when modifications are carried out in the short-haul building.

Deep vein thrombosis has been found lớn affect a number of people while travelling or soon after flight, particularly long-haul.

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In order lớn have a prosperous long-haul industry, one needs feeder aircraft.

The market for supersonic travel is different from that for large long-haul subsonic jets.

I should have thought that in-flight dehydration would be one of the most serious hazards of long-haul flight.

That is made more important these days by the growing trend of long-haul holidays.

But over long-haul routes where there is no alternative, fine.

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Other centres in the area are expanding, adding lớn the heavy flows of local and long-haul heavy good vehicles.

That would bring benefits lớn users and increase competition in the long-haul market.

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