luminous là gì

This is because such a motion would deliver less luminous impulses than vãn a slow motion.

Furthermore, the fluorescent sources had conventional magnetic ballasts and therefore were subject vĩ đại luminous flicker, whereas incandescent lamps tự not flicker.

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Behind this front both ionization and electrical conductivity decay vĩ đại a lower value at the trailing edge of the luminous gas.

We think that, in its substance, it would have the ephemeral material and luminous qualities of a passing thing.

She, the beautiful, would lie down and languidly extend her luminous white wrist.

Her eyes were luminous, her lips carried a sensual smile.

In a rather subdued decade, these books easily pass muster as the most luminous examples of scholarship in agrarian history.

Walls in vibrant contrasting tones glow in the sunlight, and the photographs convey the sensation of being inside a luminous painting.

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Researchers also should pay further attention vĩ đại the possible role of luminous modulation vĩ đại determine the optimal lighting system characteristics for the daily light exposure.

Panegyrists and artists alike drew on a variety of luminous symbols vĩ đại acclaim or represent the entering ruler.

Under these conditions, the inner region appears white: the light red discolors and appears white with both surface color and luminous qualities.

This may be associated with a steep rise of the ionization and electrical conductivity t o that value appropriate vĩ đại the luminous shock front.

Only the fluid retained by the envelope works as a messenger, and the messages are neither luminous nor electric, mechanical, vibratory, or caloric.

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Many performances by this orchestra have swept má up into whole heavens of sound, full of luminous, glittering stars.

They will have the special pleasure of being aloft, skimming the under-surface of the luminous veil.

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