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The attitude towards masks is another example; in different areas of the state they are viewed in completely different manner.

Furthermore, the general improvement in levels of imperial trade masked important regional variations between overseas territories and within individual colonies.

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Further, the identities were masked - that is, judges were not provided with information regarding the authorship of a summary and of questions.

Cereal yields, as indicators of output, fluctuated over the period of the trial, masking any possible long-term change.

Thus, the masking effect of a wild-type allele does not appear to lớn be very strong when weakly deleterious mutations are considered.

Websites directed at consumers can incorporate such data by masking quizzes as entertainment and offering incentives such as miễn phí merchandise.

The resounding presence of her voice masks a deeper lack: she comes from nothing and disappears into thin air.

Male movie masks primarily deny physical ageing or diminished dominance ; the ever-young interior subjective becomes (or strives to lớn become) the exterior.

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The sides of the chambers were masked with đen thui tape so sánh that only light from above reached the eyecups.

Even when the fundamental frequency is masked, it may be recovered from the pulse period and the surviving harmonics.

In 4 of the patients, the presence of atrioventricular block was initially masked by the pre-excitation.

Interactions of group by forward versus backward masking were not significant, suggesting that deficits in forward and backward masking were comparable.

If this attentional component becomes less robust with age, it would contribute to lớn a steeper decline with age for backward, as compared to lớn forward, masking.

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Two of the masking conditions showed increased rates of decline in backward, compared to lớn forward, masking.

Green et al. (1999) related visual backward masking deficits in patients with schizophrenia to lớn a failure to lớn establish cortical oscillations in the gamma range.

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