meat loaf là gì

The chicken-fried steak, bacon and meat loaf were great, too, as were the biscuits.

The chain has launched an elaborate promotion, with a half a dozen bacon-themed additions to tướng the thực đơn, including a bacon sundae, bacon meat loaf and bacon flapjacks.

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Of course, you can bet on it being good--chops, pot roast, roast chicken, perhaps even meat loaf! --and you can bring your own alcohol if you wish.

A few strips of bacon add just the right flavor to tướng the roast fowl, meat loaf, larded tenderloin, or casserole of vegetables or cereals.

The meat loaf was so sánh highly spiced that it could have been almost anything.

It is especially good in poultry stuffings and meat loaf.

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This is fine to tướng serve with meat loaf, salmon loaf or rice croquettes, etc.

They were eating meat loaf and potatoes.

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The meat from these may be utilized by serving with horseradish or mustard sauce, or combined with equal amount of fresh meat for meat loaf, scalloped dish, etc.

Meat loaves are widely popular, time and energy savers for the housewife and may be purchased in any amount desired, from your butcher, grocer or delicatessen.

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