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There are eleven blood glucose meters available, each with different features to tát compliment the complex needs of individual patients.

The problem with the new technology of electric meters was the incomprehensibility of the mechanism by which it functioned.

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The meter was calibrated by temporarily affixing it to tát the flat floor of the tunnel ahead of the wavy wall.

In other words, these meters cannot be parsed straightforwardly as iterations of feet with partially identical properties with respect to tát quantity or branching.

The total volume of water is vast, differing in depth from area to tát area, from nearly zero to tát 600 feet (185 meters).

Second, this knowledge of performing familiar meters facilitates parsing the metrical structure of unfamiliar metrical sequences by aligning them optimally to tát a familiar performance pattern.

All of the machinery of the factory is installed in one large room that measures about sixty meters in length by twenty-five meters in width.

The water depth in the operating area varied between approximately 6 and 18 meters.

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The transmission distance is confined within 100 meters in order to tát guarantee stable communication.

We assume that the real construction and maintenance costs per linear meter are the same throughout the island.

The marginal price is the charge made for the last cubic meter of water used.

The tradition labels these frequently occurring combi- nation meters by distinct names as well.

The melted subsurface water, and the injected vaporized water will contribute to tát a global surface water layer meters or more in depth.

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The intensity of the in-cage illumination was 11-28 lux, depending on orientation of the light meter.

The translation of grief into music for which this tradition was known is essential to tát the meter of the poem.

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