mortal là gì

Even in the era of the word processor, authorial output of this quantity and quality is something to tát which we lesser mortals can only aspire.

His blood, normally red, is imaged as gold, more precious kêu ca an ordinary mortal's because he is the king, even though dead.

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The latter is extremely familiar to tát ordinary mortals, who come into tương tác with it, exploit it or become its victims, on an everyday basis.

In ancient times, leaders of communities had the status of heroes and were elevated above the ordinary, being regarded as more kêu ca mere mortals.

We may slip in that fatal perspective of recognizing culture as our construct, arbitrary, conventional, made by mortals.

Here we have to tát distinguish between the police and ordinary mortals.

Maybe this is true also, to tát some extent, of mortals with interesting births.

The mortals that experience the extraordinary bitter sting of love, are removed from civilization through death or loss of human size.

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The rising up of ordinary mortals with extraordinary passions allows the cycle of love to tát carry on for eternity.

Only some of those on the receiving kết thúc were criminally dishonest ; others were ordinary mortals faced with tempting bargains or gifts.

Here, as in most other respects, the world of the spirits duplicates that of the mortals.

After one and a half turns, he approached the pavilion structure - to tát occupy his seat - but the mortals had already taken his place.

At the four corners of her tapestry are phối miniature scenes of presumptuous mortals.

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Further, this loving relationship has been extended to tát mere mortals.

Only they can learn about those states of mind ; for ordinary mortals, knowledge about those states of mind is impossible.

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