negotiator là gì

She is excellent at building good relations with people and a good negotiator.

Negotiators often use shuttle diplomacy when the one or both of two principals refuses recognition of the other prior lớn mutually desired negotiation.

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His conversations with the negotiators were dense with biblical imagery.

Approved indicators are presented as a thực đơn which is passed lớn the contract negotiators.

In 2002, for example, a five-year labor contract was signed that left union negotiators quite pleased.

Their romances are not heedless but wary, and involve a lot of negotiation, and finished by calling the film... uncommonly absorbing.

This time he also criticised the way the government led negotiations and called for a revision of the treaty.

The extended family provided the foundation for social programs, business đơn hàng, and negotiations with authorities.

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The negotiations broke down over the issue of promotion and relegation.

Widespread debt relief either requires government action or individual negotiations between every debtor and creditor, and is thus politically contentious or requires much labor.

All attempts lớn negotiate fail; the elves fire without communicating.

The company had lớn drill its own wells and negotiate with authorities lớn get connected lớn the grid.

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The new law also provides that both the defendant homeowner and the plaintiff lender negotiate in good faith during their mandated settlement conference.

Naval ships were also equipped with hooks on the side lớn grab enemy ships, or lớn negotiate their position.

In order lớn achieve communication, individuals must decide how much of their values will be negotiated.