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There is a full counterweight fly system backstage, an advanced communication network, and a computer-controlled lighting and sound system, making the theatre practical and workable.

Fundamental to lớn this scheme was the division of the information into blocks before sending them out across the network.

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It accomplishes this high combination of high-speed scalability with low latency by using huge filter tables based on the criteria designed by the network administrator.

Half-center oscillators can also be altered by intrinsic and network properties and can have dramatically different functionality based on variations in synaptic properties.

Access control mechanisms that simply control who has access between systems result in stove-piped information silos, walled gardens, and increased network fragmentation.

A macrocell defines the cell controlled by the base station of a mobile network operator.

Network operator billing is apparently planned for later this year.

It seems just about every network operator is intent on buying or building out footprint.

The mobile network operator has told investors its aim is to lớn become a more diversified communications company delivering broadband mạng internet, television and other services.

Another mechanism to lớn generate more competition would be to lớn create a regulated mobile virtual network operator market.

I have done business in one sườn or the other for over a decade before joining network marketing.

They also claim to lớn operate what they called "market programme which operates as a money earning network marketing structure for those who are interested in getting involved".

In a valid network marketing company, there are thousands and thousands of products being shipped to lớn people's homes...

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Nigeria is such a high energy entrepreneurial country, and over the last few years, lots of network marketing companies have invaded our space.

This is especially true if you're in network marketing, which uses parties to lớn sell jewellery, clothing, or diet plans, among other products.

As an initial exploratory step, we analyse and quantify the communication patterns and social network structure embedded within organisational communication archives.

The network structure is based on committees of national experts who follow and promote the activities of the foundation.

The filter can first be designed and then, through the appropriate manipulations of the transfer function, the coefficients required by a particular network structure can be determined.

The first part of the superframe must be sufficient to lớn give service to lớn the network structure and its devices.

The epicuticle is finely wrinkled, with a network structure, forming an irregular fine transparent coating.

Commercial network operating systems have to lớn cover all of the possible usage scenarios and protocols with tens of millions of lines of code that is difficult to lớn maintain.

For small network engineering groups, the variation of network operating systems from one vendor to lớn the next can be a purchasing factor.

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Located in the user applications and middleware and network operating system software, which will provide a common means of communication, and independent of the network and operating system.

No expensive dedicated appliances, just simple code proposed as a primitive feature of a network operating system.

With all this time spent on investigations, there are still around 40 per cent of infections that go undetected in an average organisation's network operating system.