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All of these characteristics lead lớn constant renewal as forms are continually replaced with newly coined expressions that can effectively intensify existing expressions.

In particular, those involved in research and development will see the newly implemented systems as of special relevance lớn automation.

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Large-sized pioneer species dominating early successional stands suffered greater damage and mortality, but these same species were observed as seedlings in newly formed canopy gaps.

Quantitative trapping data are newly available that allow a study of abundance relations in tropical communities.

In the case of an axially symmetric vortex, the newly formed dipoles diverge in arbitrary directions, whereas here it is predetermined by the initial configuration.

Lack of a coordinated regional approach is not problematic in regions where the mechanisms for adaptation of newly released technologies are in place.

Larval performance was studied by following larvae enclosed in cages from newly moulted second instars lớn third instars in the field.

Manufacturing processes could also be rationalised and costs reduced if, as a result of integrating the newly acquired companies, economies of scale could be achieved.

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Location and stability of a newly established eccentric retinal locus suitable for reading, achieved through training of patients with a dense central scotoma.

Newly elected officials vì thế not want lớn spend the capital they have 'earned' in the election by staying the course.

Furthermore, with this variant atrial neoseptation, the living and contractile right atrial flap now acts as part of the newly formed left atrium.

The focus was on meteorology, magnetism, atmospheric science, and ionospheric physics, and investigating the global implications of the newly discovered 'jet stream'.

In other words, a relatively high fraction of newly arisen mutations per generation could be neutral.

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In 1997 and 1998, 6 and 12 newly moulted fourth instar larvae respectively were ascribed lớn a specific temperature and type of leaf.

Those who could adjust often ascended the social ladders that were newly created.

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