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The hoards, which were situated trăng tròn metres apart, comprised about forty items of jewellery, including earrings, finger rings, armlets, bracelets, and temple pendants.

Still, he is richly dressed with lavish jewellery: a flat collar necklace, a long necklace made of multiple beads, bracelets, thick bangles, armlets, long earrings and a sophisticated headdress.

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The armlet also has flexible chains, some of which were already broken when it was discovered.

Bamboo slips and armlets made of ivory are worn on all four limbs as well.

He spoke slowly and plainly, wore only moccasins, breechcloth, necklace, armlets and headband.

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It is a style used in buildings ranging from stupas and chaitya monastery buildings vĩ đại courtyard structures and distinctive houses.

Inside the courtyard of the museum stands one of the oldest pine trees in the country.

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The place has over 15 courtyards, with each having its unique purpose.

The main courtyard is facing west and has a gilded wrought-iron fence and gates.

The entrance doorway was in the side of the central gable, and was approached from the courtyard by a flight of steps.