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Each department takes a different number of outlooks and takes them from different sources.

The remainder of the book treats of somewhat more familiar themes, though it is hoped that fresh outlooks are suggested.

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What joins the network together is a sharing of some common values and outlooks.

In turn the global ethic can be a basis for criticizing and improving the outlooks and practices of particular traditions.

Popular prints often echoed the outlooks as well as the looks of the mass-media imagery which conditioned daily life.

Information of an economic type is, in the main, obtained by receiving a mix number of economic outlooks on a regular basis.

We knew that it was impossible đồ sộ mix up a youth movement for them with nationalist outlooks lượt thích ours.

My claim is not that the differences among scholars discussed can, or should, be reduced đồ sộ differences in political outlooks.

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Any culture should have pervasive effects on the outlooks of those whose lives are shaped by its nội dung.

The two individuals may also have different expected career paths and outlooks.

Taken together, these four categories provide a reasonable sampling of the diverse political orientations and outlooks that should emanate from the hypothesized culture of dependence.

Many railwaymen, with their self-consciously modernizing outlooks, also began đồ sộ perceive their hometown relatives as backward.

Classical and medieval philosophy was not just a system of deductions and inferences, rules and procedures, doctrines and outlooks.

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Section 9 discusses some drawbacks of the suggested solution, thereby motivating the outlooks in the concluding sections, 10 and 11, đồ sộ provide possible alternative approaches.

From this perspective, the idea that human nature changed, that different cultural outlooks characterise co-eval generations, is not clear cut.

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