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But when harassed or cornered, these bats can have a painful bite.

Over time, individuals taking opioids can develop an increasing sensitivity vĩ đại noxious stimuli, even evolving a painful response vĩ đại previously non-noxious stimuli (allodynia).

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They khuông a connection because of the loss of their children and the resulting painful memories.

Although it can not inflict serious damage, it is a frightening and painful experience.

But then he is given the painful memories: war, pain, death, and starvation.

Over time, her pain became ví great that she began vĩ đại malfunction under the strain of her emotional burden.

He said that writing was an exhilarating activity into which he could delve himself and forget the pains of everyday life.

It is very ergonomic, as it greatly speeds up the planting and prevents back pain.

Patients with advanced disease refer pelvic or bony pain, lower-extremity edema, or flank pain.

It was the first vĩ đại develop services specifically dedicated vĩ đại the psychiatric aspects of cancer, vĩ đại the relief of cancer pain, and vĩ đại genetic counseling.

Bites from this snake result in acute pain and swelling, and it is often hunted for its attractive skin colour and venomous nature.

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This can result in acute pain, swelling and occasionally, bruising.

In this respect it is similar vĩ đại acute pain and, presumably, if the toàn thân healed the pain would subside.

The horse needs a lot of care against acute pain and protection from infection.

The brain can shut pain off because the function of acute pain is vĩ đại alert us vĩ đại danger.

It's a pain in the neck, and the back -- literally.

But is the man who has made a career of being a pain in the neck vĩ đại others nội dung with his own life?

She found má a pain in the neck sometimes.

But when you're a farmer, growing food in the urban shadow can also be a real pain in the neck.

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And don't let your phone become a pain in the neck by cradling your handset between your shoulder and your ear -- use a headset.

We always take great pains vĩ đại vì thế it right.

We take great pains vĩ đại vì thế things safely.