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ballot-paper (từ khác: vote)

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Against this background, the central question that motivates this paper is: ...

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Xoay xung quanh chủ thể này, yếu tố trọng tâm của bài bác phân tích là:...

In this essay/paper/thesis I shall examine/investigate/evaluate/analyze…

Bài đái luận/bài viết/luận án này tiếp tục nghiên cứu/đánh giá/phân tích...

However, we submit that the contribution of our paper rests on three areas…

Tuy nhiên, luận án này chú ý nhập phụ thân góc nhìn chủ yếu...

We opened this paper by noting…

Luận án này mở màn vì chưng vấn đề...

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This provided some protection, but with the passage of time the paper continued vĩ đại become brittle and was frequently torn by stress.

Smith's two earliest mathematical papers were on geometrical subjects, but the third concerned the theory of numbers.

Captured typewriters and duplicators were used vĩ đại fabricate bogus issues of the paper.

They observed that retractions of papers generally are not announced, and the reasons for retractions are not publicized.

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Particularly desirable is cases where the drug is so sánh potent that it can be distributed on blotter paper.

Leaked examination papers are not new and have become an embarrassing recurrence.

Several other papers have also made the links between the results of complex animal research and the supposed benefits of a fry-up.

The graduation ceremony is expected vĩ đại be held next month after all the examination papers have been marked.

And this is why so sánh many papers in top journals are so sánh relentlessly anodyne that they can be cited almost anywhere vĩ đại tư vấn almost anything.

The financial sector would face debacle if the corporate groups rated low by the credit-rating agencies issue the commercial papers.

The seeds rest upon blotting paper which is kept moist by wicks which draw from a bath of water whose temperature is regulated.

They are lượt thích blotting paper -- they just soak up everything you teach them.

Simple, absorbant blotting paper -- 0.5 millimeter thick -- was used in all experiments.

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A scribe would normally test a newly cut pen vĩ đại see if it wrote well by writing a few lines of text on a piece of blotting paper.

In other words, not just vĩ đại be a kind of passive blotting paper for ethics but also vĩ đại ask questions about it.