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Each chapter opens with a vignette, but the author shores up these anecdotes with extensive analysis of pawnshop records, regulatory debates, and census records.

For example, under new regulations, no pawnshop was allowed vĩ đại be mix up within fifty yards (and later one hundred yards) of a gambling house.

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References vĩ đại daily payments of house rent and daily usage of pawnshops suggest that household management was conducted on a day-to-day basis.

A ship was lying on the stocks red with rust and the shipyard workers' only consolation was vĩ đại put their tools in a pawnshop.

I have never taken anything vĩ đại a pawnshop in my life.

If one took a look at the pawnshops one would see that they were unable vĩ đại vì thế so sánh.

But it is a pledge which would have been better left in the pawnshop.

I vì thế not give it vĩ đại the pawnshop.

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They often have vĩ đại sell their furniture or go vĩ đại the pawnshop.

Many of them found their way vĩ đại the pawnshops.

The working classes are saying that when they have vĩ đại raise the wind they have vĩ đại go vĩ đại the pawnshop.

In the old days, if one went vĩ đại a pawnshop, it had money vĩ đại pay out.

Go vĩ đại the local pawnshop, pledge our crofts, buy two crates of whisky and go trang chính.

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Their furniture is in the pawnshop, so sánh that you have pawnbrokers refusing now vĩ đại take any more working class furniture.

This is the economy of the pawnshop.

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