pent up là gì

This pent-up force of different charges is expressed in many ways and may explode, slip out consciously, or be withheld and maintained inside.

When something is an emotional trigger and creates an imbalance, the pent-up charges demand attention and want vĩ đại be released by crying.

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A decline of ethnic tensions would be expected because, after an initial period in which pent-up tensions are vented, a healthy phối of nonconflictual coping mechanisms should develop.

This would be a result of pent-up, suppressed or otherwise hidden ethnic tensions that come vĩ đại the surface, or are reported more accurately in a situation of greater civil liberties.

Gowing interprets this extraordinary degree of female litigiousness as evidence of a pent-up desire on the part of women vĩ đại bring their moral concerns before the public.

Half the 3 million unemployed are under 25, many of them desolate and with pent-up emotions.

Once freeze and severe restraint were over, there was an acute problem in dealing with the pent-up flood of claims and price increases.

Perhaps this is pent-up frustration bursting out after the greyness of a week's work which never varies in its rather soulless pattern.

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It becomes increasingly difficult vĩ đại break out of that situation without stimulating an upsurge of pent-up demands.

It cannot be denied that there is an enormous pent-up demand for these refuges.

There is a pent-up demand for housing among young people who, when they obtain better work, will want vĩ đại buy a house.

They are obviously venting some of their pent-up anxieties on their opponents.

After all, are, not these meetings often a safety valve for the pent-up emotions of the people?

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Last year, because of the frustrations and pent-up emotions in the prisons, over £14 million was spent on putting right damage caused by riots and disruptions.

It was accelerated by the pent-up flood of imports which came in late last year and early this year.

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