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Thus, the question is not why hypopigmented animals have elevated thresholds compared to lớn pigmented animals, but rather, what causes their reduction in rhodopsin expression?

Females were allowed to lớn deliver and raise foster offspring (black eyes and pigmented coats).

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With increasing flicker frequency, amplitudes were reduced significantly in the albino mice in comparison to lớn the pigmented mice in all three age groups.

Consequently, heavily pigmented subjects would make color matches in the presence of a noticeable saturation difference.

Crossed and uncrossed visual topography in dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the pigmented rat.

In this study, three normal human fibroblast cell lines, as well as normal retinal pigmented epithelial cells, were unaffected.

Normally pigmented trout showed no such increase regardless of light treatment.

This may reflect a difference between pigmented and albino species.

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Autoradiography of tritiated proline and fucose transported transneuronally from the eye to lớn the visual cortex in pigmented and albino mice.

Body spinose, pyriform, heavily pigmented, 204- 290 (249) long, 102- 138 (114) wide.

Prior to lớn enucleation, fish were dark adapted for 10 min to lớn facilitate separation of the retina from the pigmented epithelium.

However, this monkey was fully pigmented, had well-developed foveae, and appeared entirely normal.

The animal hemisphere is heavily pigmented and darker in appearance, while the vegetal hemisphere is filled with yolk granules but little pigment.

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However, the transposon is occasionally excised from the gen in dividing cells, hence giving clones of pigmented cells on the non-pigmented background.

Puparial cuticle is usually entirely pale but is sometimes slightly to lớn moderately pigmented, especially in autumn in temperate regions.

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