play là gì trong tiếng anh

The tuy nhiên was played all day long in the parking lot as guests arrived and was sold in the gift cửa hàng.

He would play two seasons with the team.

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The new line-up started playing gigs and recorded this album in 1998.

Prior to tướng their 2013 tour, the band played 938 gigs.

For three seasons, he played for the club.

There's no giddiness of stardom -- even when he plays, you will see him constantly track back to tướng help his defenders.

How the crisis plays out will determine the failure or survival of the project.

Long drives are hard on the eyes, especially when the sun plays hide-and-seek through the trees.

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The first involves an overactive amygdala, which houses the brain's primal fight-or-flight reflex and plays a role in developing specific phobias.

Now he plays three times a week without bầm.

Some children left school with their parents' permission, but hundreds of others simply played truant to tướng join the protests.

Some drift out of formal learning -- playing truant and then becoming persistently absent.

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The two became friends and often played truant together.

Some may also play truant to tướng avoid the possibility of being tested.

Youngsters and schoolboys playing truant have made it a playground.