ponder là gì

The clever farmer however, began to tát ponder a way to tát cheat the boggart out of his share.

Later he accepted the practical necessity of money which comes from lyric writing and helps one to tát ponder on creative work.

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The inventor is supposed to tát be pondering these manual skills while he forms in his mind a mechanism to tát replace them.

We must read, we must observe, we must assimilate, and we must ponder that to tát which we expose our minds.

He labored with extraordinary care, and pondered a hundred times on the same things, hence it is that we have so sánh few books about him.

This chapel is an addition to tát the original church, and is entered through a ponderous arch bored through the massively thick walls.

Various causes of mainline decline have been cited, including monotonous and ponderous liturgies, intimidating worship surroundings, and too much tradition.

The consensus of newspaper and magazine reviews was overwhelmingly favourable, although the work was regarded as academic and ponderous by some.

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The large, ponderous, shell has a conical shape, appearing subperforate.

His novels, though written in a ponderous, affected style, display considerable imagination and insight into character.

With the crack of dawn, they have to tát ponder over where they would get a few pitchers of water to tát push the day.

The children left with their certificates and a lot to tát ponder over.

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Considering this, the freedom of truyền thông becomes an important question to tát ponder over.

Are you among those parents who tự not believe if told that their kids are overweight or obese, ponder over it again.

We didn't need 10 years to tát ponder over whether to tát legislate this.