power là gì trong tiếng anh

Inside the ship proves vĩ đại be derelict, though there is still power.

It was unusual in being powered by two separate stroke engines driving friction discs.

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The power vĩ đại control has traditionally been regarded as the hallmark of the employment contract.

Though his life is dependent on his power ruby, it is not made clear from where his powers came from.

The power struggle between two increasingly hamstrung their government.

She was a shrewd and powerful businesswoman, involved in sales of elephants and motor cars, and later in teak extraction and road-building.

Their psykers are among the most powerful in the galaxy.

It changes from a conventional looking motorcycle vĩ đại one that appears both powerful and high-tech.

Eddy was a target, they argue, because she challenged the hegemony of the clergy and medical establishment, two powerful male groups.

The ambitious devotee of an evil demon, he seeks a king powerful enough vĩ đại spread its worship throughout the world.

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This is also making the police all-powerful, with no accountability vĩ đại the public at large.

Scientists are able vĩ đại perform definitive tests on these artifacts and conclude beyond all doubt that they have been fashioned by an omniscient, all-powerful agent.

Of course, a more influential military does not mean one that believes it is all-powerful.

And no one magical person or being will ever be all-powerful or not have a weakness.

It was once all-powerful, and its guidelines were followed without a second thought.

Atomic power plants and especially breeder reactors can also provide some energy needs.

This helped start a national inquiry into the safety of atomic power.

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The government -- lượt thích its predecessors of all political stripes seem mesmerised by atomic power and are willing vĩ đại provide extremely generous financial tư vấn and other help vĩ đại kickstart a renaissance.

This needed heavy investment as atomic power cost four times more than vãn thermal power.

He envisaged that in time the dam would be outdated by atomic power and the water level lowered, restoring the temples vĩ đại their original state.