pram là gì

A family of foreigners with a pram comes into the courtyard, sits down at the well with shopping bags, eats lunch, and talks.

She says she needs diapers and a pram.

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After she leaves, the stage is completely empty, and a weirdly shaped pram passes across it.

Four males wheeled out prams vĩ đại sound effects of screaming babies, and in a very funny act, juggled crying babies on short sticks.

I bởi not suppose we shall be able vĩ đại have buses that will take prams, unless they are the type of prams that concertina.

All sorts of things are thrown—loaves of bread, food, mattresses, old prams—not merely hideous and disfiguring, but actually a menace vĩ đại health.

When the pram went over the kerb, it tilted and her child, who was not strapped in, landed on the highway and suffered minor injuries.

These people depart, leaving glass, old bedsteads, broken-down prams, pieces of bicycle and litter of the worst sort.

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There were pedestrians walking with prams and dogs on the so-called cycle track.

What worries bầm is the larger items which normal households cannot be expected vĩ đại dispose of, such as worn-out bedsteads, prams and ví on.

I have already published proposals vĩ đại allow buses vĩ đại draw trailers vĩ đại carry luggage and prams.

One of the reasons for the shortage of new perambulators today the fact that people are insisting on buying new prams for their babies.

Is he aware that this is a dangerous practice which forces pedestrians into the road, particularly those who are wheeling prams?

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It is difficult, too, for people carrying heavy bags or wheeling prams vĩ đại pass through them.

That would help very considerably, because it would help the family vĩ đại buy the pram and the layette and the clothes.

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