prevent nghĩa là gì

Note that this phenomenon has a purely inertial character; viscous forces cannot prevent it, although these forces guarantee the space regularity of the solution.

Pragmatic randomized trial of antenatal intervention đồ sộ prevent postnatal depression by reducing psychosocial risk factors.

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An inefficient tax system could thus have survived if political rigidities prevented a ruler from changing it.

Ximelagatran acts by binding directly đồ sộ không tính phí and clot-bound thrombin, thereby preventing the conversion of fibrinogen đồ sộ fibrin, the primary component of blood clots (28).

He found that serious injury was rare following an incident as either intervention or luck tended đồ sộ prevent significant harm in the majority of cases.

Do school-based social skills training programs prevent alcohol use among young people?

An average of five word graphs is visible on the vertical screen đồ sộ prevent displaying too much information.

Unfortunately, the logarithm prevents every useful factorization of such an average and makes this method impracticable.

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This simple mechanism prevents the optimizer from trying đồ sộ lập cập through walls.

The effect of downregulating the signalling pathways is đồ sộ push deterioration back in time, not đồ sộ prevent it.

This research did not prevent any human beings coming into existence who would otherwise have come into existence.

An intending swimmer is prevented from entering the sea, because (it is reasonable đồ sộ suppose) this person does not realize that the tides are dangerous.

Different perceptions of land claims and differing patterns of land use prevented the possibility of mutual accommodation.

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That is uncertainty đồ sộ such a degree that it prevents a clear-cut decision, but whose resolution will enable a definite decision đồ sộ be made.

Here we just recall the basic definitions đồ sộ prevent confusion.

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