profitability là gì

Solutions on display will open new opportunities and routes vĩ đại greater productivity and profitability for forward-thinking print professionals.

With a decrease in incentives as well as credit period, retailers' profitability has reduced as well.

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It is believed that the large harvest will help improve export markets while not impacting the pricing and profitability.

The company expects vĩ đại deliver over $150 million of revenue in năm nhâm thìn, with increasingly strong profitability.

True brand loyalty exists when customers have a high relative attitude towards the brand, which dramatically affects profitability.

If a process appears profitable, then other factors are considered, such as safety, environmental constraints, controllability, etc.

It was abandoned in 1951 at considerable cost vĩ đại the taxpayers when it did not become profitable.

Vegetable gardening is a growing and profitable interest.

While restricted due vĩ đại the cost and dangers, the trade was highly profitable.

His main cash crop was tobacco, but its price was usually low and it was rarely profitable.

The markup rules indicate that the ratio between profit margin and the price is inversely proportional vĩ đại the price elasticity of demand.

Hedge fund managers earned $379 billion in fees, while investors earned only $70 billion in profits.

He received 400 plus 60% of the profits which for that monovie came vĩ đại an estimated 14,000 by the kết thúc of 1934.

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Energy co-operatives have been created, and efforts were made vĩ đại decentralize control and profits.

He deferred his producer's and director's salaries in exchange for 75% of the film's profits.

The screening tests are often offered through nonprofit organizations but are performed by for-profit companies.

The concept of gainful employment is primarily pointed at for-profit institutions.

In her opinion, for-profit companies should not be in the business of locking up criminals.

Questions about private for-profit curriculum development and the conflation of truyền thông and education demand a lot of consideration.

One can't expect anything but profits from a for-profit.

We are the only non-profit group in the country vĩ đại vì thế that at scale and in public.

It did not specifically mention any of its "competitors" and whether they were in the for- or non-profit arena.

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The non-profit is currently serving more kêu ca 100 homeless and foster children.

A new report on human trafficking is out from a non-profit group.

As a result, there was mushrooming of blood banks with the private/non-profit sector stepping up vĩ đại the best of their capacity.