pseudonym là gì

Interviews were audiotaped for transcription and the use of pseudonyms protected participants' anonymity.

A pseudonym can be used consistently over a period of time đồ sộ establish a personality and a reputation just lượt thích any other online personality.

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For the purposes of the study and the subsequent reports all women were assigned pseudonyms and were assured anonymity.

An alternative is đồ sộ prevent name changes either by using real names or through requiring users đồ sộ acquire unique pseudonyms, namely once-in-a-lifetime pseudonyms.

The names mentioned below are all pseudonyms đồ sộ protect the teachers' identities.

I have used pseudonyms đồ sộ protect the names of subjects.

Users may register with a number of pseudonyms, essentially erasing the effects of prior feedback.

Once he established himself as a man of letters, he adopted other pseudonyms đồ sộ conceal his incursion into doubtful fictional genres.

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Table 1 presents the pseudonym of each informant and their gender, age, and summary descriptions of their first involvement and their lifetime involvement with music.

He has adopted pseudonyms for the characters but events and dialogue are apparently authentic and are recounted in a very readable -y-on-the-wall style.

To protect the confidentiality of individuals, schools and interviewees have been given pseudonyms.

But this change đồ sộ a male pseudonym would substantially have changed the depiction of middle-class masculinity in the novel.

In this article, participants' pseudonyms are specified with their gender and arrival age in parentheses.

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The names used in the text are pseudonyms.

Residents par ticipate in the maintenance of their ethnic names and even sanction the use of those names in a manner reminiscent of pseudonym assumption.

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