reclamation là gì

In the cutting it is explained that they want đồ sộ vì thế some work for themselves in connection with the earthquake, reclamations and ví on.

A 1935 refor m allowed its vast funds đồ sộ be diverted đồ sộ public works projects, housing construction, land reclamation and even quảng cáo ivate ventures.

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First, because of the high labor intensity nature of the reclamation process, it provides employment đồ sộ a large informal sector.

In common vocabulary, recycling is used as a general term for all activities related đồ sộ the reclamation of waste.

There is some indication of a slight reduction in yield of rice for several years after reclamation.

Despite this difficulty, the release of the succession may by itself bring about the cheap reclamation of a good khuyến mãi of country.

As a process, the park represents an ecological strategy of environmental reclamation at both natural and social level.

The final section describes some eleven specific instances of more-or-less successful reclamation.

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Demand is growing for environmental and reclamation uses of compost as well.

Reference counting collection enables immediate reclamation of không tính phí space that leads đồ sộ low memory requirements.

His alternative was much cheaper (according đồ sộ his estimation only 70,000 pounds) and less ambitious phàn nàn the reclamation project.

Transplanting shrubs has the added advantage that they may reduce wind tốc độ at ground level and thereby combat wind erosion at reclamation sites.

Linked is a situation, an act of creative reclamation, a pedestrian performance that blurs the boundaries that liên kết art and everyday life.

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However, the controversy about the reclamation project challenged the prevalent notion of development as an ultimate value that overshadowed any other considerations.

Therefore, it is important that the building itself serve as the primary materials handling equipment and workshop for reclamation and recycling on site.

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