reproduction là gì

Reproduction of some of the photographs is poor.

The tone tests reinforced an aesthetic determined by technological reproduction.

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It is unfortunate that they were left out, but this was due đồ sộ a number of technical problems in reproduction.

Through social practices, citizens or social agents adhere đồ sộ these foundational principles for the sake of social recognition and reward, thereby ensuring their reproduction.

Unlike the parallel model, where reproduction and mutation proceed independently of each other, mutations are coupled đồ sộ reproduction here.

Spreading a reproduction before students and colleagues always gains a response, usually verbal.

It is unclear whether women really understand the size and nature of the age-related effects of reproduction.

Relation of saw-palmetto đồ sộ longleaf pine reproduction on a dry site.

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Resources allocated đồ sộ reproduction will, therefore, be diminished.

In fact, we lack a common term đồ sộ refer specifically đồ sộ the type of reproduction being envisioned.

The enthusiastic accumulation by fans of an unending suite of related images both echoes and subverts the mass mechanical reproduction of the modern celebrity image.

Houses are both locales for capitalist production and arenas of social reproduction.

This data does not distinguish between spontaneous versus assisted reproduction.

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Is assisted reproduction a process ripe for regulation?

Species that depend on large, and/or permanent, aquatic sites for reproduction simply go extinct as is reflected in species composition and turnover patterns.

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