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However, the role was soon given a name and a definite character.

The actress considered it the best screenplay she had read in years and was delighted lớn be offered the role.

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The study of heresy requires an understanding of the development of orthodoxy and the role of creeds in the definition of orthodox beliefs.

The functions of gangliosides as specific determinants suggest its important role in the growth and differentiation of tissues as well as in carcinogenesis.

He acted in a small role in the same film.

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This is also the first time that he will be taking on a role for a film.

The 47-year-old adds that she has lớn feel a real passion lớn take on a role that requires her lớn travel.

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However, the actress admits that now she would be wary if asked lớn take on a role that required her lớn transform her toàn thân again.

He never acknowledged that they had manipulated him into taking on a role that was vastly exaggerated.

It's not uncommon for celebrities lớn later on take on a role of politics.