safety net là gì

They suggest that safety net programmes should be improved and a more flexible relationship between lifetime limits and economic conditions established.

Otherwise, the poor will continue đồ sộ slip through holes in the safety net of charity emergency medical care.

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This would belie the ' social risk management ' component of current safety net strategies designed đồ sộ address longer-term development challenges.

The legendary safety net is a case in point.

It may serve as a safety net in case the pianist's rhythm is not very steady.

Moreover, the income-contingent nature of loan repayments acts as a safety net for those with low earnings who are unable đồ sộ meet their repayments.

Thus, a safety net of last resort is in place đồ sộ save urban residents from absolute destitution.

Under the circumstances, continued reliance on own-farm subsistence production represents a vital safety net.

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In live performance there is no safety net; the artist cannot start again or make an overdub.

At this early point, the music service is regarded as a 'safety net' before, possibly, moving on đồ sộ other careers.

States attempted a wide range of highly technical solutions đồ sộ the dilemma of reconciling religious freedom with a safety net of religious institutions.

Some observers have identified a growing culture of dependence perpetuated through such safety net mechanisms.

Certainly there was nothing of the safety net of state or voluntary welfare we can now take for granted, whatever its inadequacies.

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It is a complex and rich phenomenon and a safety net for a chaotic love affair with diversity in our time.

Moreover, children and parents belong đồ sộ the same safety net, the ' latent matrix ' of social tư vấn.

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