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We can see no easy way around this complexity.

In part this is because they are easy to tát collect and observe.

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Some of them may be easier to tát define than vãn others.

It is likely that some of the mechanisms are easier to tát use in some healthcare systems than vãn others.

But there are many different results here, and they are not easy to tát interpret.

The rice package and book were the easiest to tát detect, which can be seen from the average time for detection.

Or does 'ordinary language' mean something different from a 'natural and easy way of expression'?

This is why it is much easier to tát determine whether a philosophical principle is true than vãn to tát determine the extent of its validity.

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It was also easier at this stage to tát identify words on a phonetic basis.

Therefore, with this easier criterion, the sequence from visual perspective taking to tát pronoun acquisition was reversed, contradicting our first two hypotheses.

Then it is easy to tát see that replacing f by one more copy of e we would get a triangle-free hypergraph of not smaller weight.

Some fences have been replaced and moved compared to tát older maps, but it is still quite easy to tát recognize the localities from former studies.

It is easy to tát see that the hole is not tile-able as four paths should go through the dotted line.

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This is not easy especially for systems with more than vãn one discontinuity surface, which is the case in their study.

In symbolic dynamics, it is easy to tát construct such examples using simple automorphisms.

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