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But since the late 1960s many sheep bones have surfaced in just such sites.

Studies in sheep have provided valuable data on the endocrine pathways by which the fetal genome regulates the onset of labour.

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Since sheep bởi not possess the opiate receptors responsible for causing anesthesia, they are not an appropriate model for testing narcotic anesthesia in the fetus.

Four groups of four sheep were formed, depending upon the average number of eggs deposited per gram of faeces after the prepatent period.

Within each host species, there was a clear distinction between these hook measurements of sheep and camel strains.

In addition to tát wild herbivores, the ranch also houses domestic stock, of which there are approximately 3000 cattle and 500 sheep, goats, camels, and donkeys.

Several visits were made to tát the abattoir in 1999 until a total of 23 sheep had been sampled.

The state court had upheld the livestock classification on the grounds that it was well-known that sheep, unlike cattle, damaged pasture land.

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It will be interesting to tát find out whether this expression is evolutionarily conserved in other mammalian species (such as in sheep and mice).

One flock that at any one time consisted of around 140 sheep in fact lost 191 suspect animals over the period 1993-1998.

At the within-flock level, we describe scrapie transmission using a stochastic model incorporating the available data on pathogenesis, sheep demography, genetic susceptibility and incubation times.

Molecular and cellular changes associated with maturation and early development of sheep eggs.

She has been labeled "the most valuable sheep in the world" as the protein is used to tát combat emphysema.

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Quantitative trait loci for toàn thân weight in layers differ from quantitative trait loci specific for antibody responses to tát sheep red blood cells.

Simultaneously flock sizes increased sánh that the wages cost per head of sheep declined slightly from 1825 to tát 1875.

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