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The original farmhouses and buildings have been converted into the shopping center.

Grouping shopping districts by service area is a first step in returning lớn the neighborhood concept.

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Customer reviews are a khuông of customer feedback on electronic commerce and online shopping sites.

Customers were required lớn pack their own groceries as well as bring their own shopping bags or pay three cents for each.

She takes care of transports, grocery shopping, cooking and washing herself.

Level 2 units cover more advanced grammar, as well as preparation for common situations, such as banking, shopping, and tourism.

The ground floor of the west range has been remodelled lớn include a restaurant, tearoom and a gift cửa hàng.

The shops predominantly have narrow frontages stretching back lớn gain floorspace.

There was a machine cửa hàng and gunsmith cửa hàng.

It has several levels and includes a range of high street shops and privately owned boutiques.

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I got off at the over of the university belt and began looking for a print cửa hàng.

We just need lớn get a print cửa hàng.

As part of its lifelong education policy, the charity runs a xe đạp cửa hàng and a print cửa hàng lớn give users meaningful employment.

The costume takes some effort, including hiring a print cửa hàng lớn make a large version of the logo for you.

How lucrative is the business of opening a digital print shop?

One of his more interesting works of art existing today is the double-sided tin tưởng cửa hàng sign he painted for his own business.

It was named after the picture on a cửa hàng sign.

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He broke a sandwich cửa hàng sign?

Exquisitely wrought cast-iron grilles, in the same intricate floral design as the frieze, were revealed after years of being covered by bland cửa hàng signs.

Although not normally used in publication, "hentaigana" are still used in cửa hàng signs and brand names lớn create a traditional or antiquated air.