sickness là gì

Listed side effects include hypersensitivity and allergic reactions, risk of re-activation of tuberculosis, serum sickness, and risk of multiple sclerosis.

One enantiomer is effective against morning sickness, whereas the other is teratogenic.

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There is probably no other being in the world that has sánh much sickness as man.

These include the agents of malaria, gonorrhea, and sleeping sickness.

As the ride featured sudden movements, it was not suitable for those who suffer from motion sickness.

They are committed to lớn the overseeing of hatching of the eggs, caring for sick and injured turtles and protection over the egg site.

Members of the lodge would visit to lớn provide emotional and other tư vấn (and possibly to lớn verify that the sick thành viên was not malingering).

The superintendent transferred 57 sick days from his previous employment.

The administration building houses the sick cất cánh, cashier's office, reception desk, meeting rooms, staff room and staff offices.

So denial of sick pay was prima facie indirect discrimination against women.

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And that was a moment when you feel sick to lớn the stomach.

Just the thought of it makes bủ feel sick.

Even thinking about that moment makes bủ feel sick.

I feel sick thinking about all the real creators who fight every day with their ideas.

It made bủ feel sick, it really did.

Armed with new rules for bargaining that some feel favour the government, he's coming to lớn the table with a controversial plan to lớn alter public servants' sick-leave benefits.

Clement infuriated unions when he originally presented sick-leave reform partly as a way to lớn combat absenteeism in the public service, which he estimated at a much-disputed 18 days annually.

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One government employee, working full-time with no interruptions, with time off for sick-leave and holidays, will work 221 days each year.

Reversing or reducing the sick-leave savings could make that target more difficult.

Under the proposal, the government wants to lớn get rid of the accumulated sick-leave ngân hàng, estimated to lớn be worth about $5.2 billion in unused sick-leave credits.