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It is said to lớn have given the warriors superhuman strength and made them impervious to lớn pain during battle.

However, he exhibits superhuman strength, repelling the thugs.

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He also possesses superhuman tốc độ, agility, stamina, and sturdiness as a result of radiation-induced mutation.

He has superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes.

He has superhuman (or at least above normal) strength.

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Superman gives a phone number to lớn the boy, telling him to lớn đường dây nóng him every day.

Superman as appeared in numerous other titles throughout the early 21st century.

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Superman's invulnerability is not on display, explained as a combination of his weakness to lớn magic and the effects of the combat rage reducing his powers.

Superman encounters him several weeks later, mutated to lớn be several stories tall.

Superman defeated them by permanently stripping the three of their super powers with gold kryptonite.