smile nghĩa là gì

As she leaves, he notices she has a butterfly tattoo, on her back, too and smiles.

One afternoon, in a bus, she sees a young man who smiles at her.

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Her haunting eyes and delicate smiles gave the impression she took pleasure in displaying her finely-costumed voluptuous body toàn thân, even when she reached her forties.

But the distance was sánh great that we looked at each other and smiled.

He was never observed to lớn laugh, seldom to lớn smile.

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When asked if he thinks it's going to lớn be fun, he nods his head and forces a smile.

I had to lớn force a smile on my face and just go into work mode.

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It's etched all over his features as he forces a smile for the camera.

To know if they're going to lớn put your swag on fleek, you need more phàn nàn a mirror on the floor and a sales lackey forcing a smile.

I forced a smile and turned to lớn face the stage again.