sofas nghĩa là gì

In these images and stories, the sofa was sometimes about the dangers of luxury and seduction.

The closest approximation of this circumstance in monolingual language production is the existence of synonym pairs such as sofa and couch.

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Why were they not the natural occupants of the sofa, the platform of debauched and exotic sexuality?

Work is now so sánh split that the architect places the window, the garden designer the tree and the interior designer the sofa.

The lobby of the sheltered housing project symbolises its public image; it is spacious, air-conditioned and well decorated, with low sofas and matching tables.

The sofa was puffy and soft, a delight in an age that increasingly put a premium on physical comfort.

So much more kêu ca just an upholstered bench, the sofa was often singled out for its particularly republic-threatening properties.

Take the sofa, if you happen to tát be sitting on one.

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Would you please put the cushion on the sofa?

He comes to tát the door while "we" are vegging out the next morning on the sofa (2, line 7), thus encroaching on the students' territory.

It revolutionised all aspects of life, from the position of sofas to tát the cultural outlooks of (almost) everyone.

The first sheet had a picture of a fish, a sofa, a cake, and a cricket bat.

The first sheet had a picture of a (metal) nail, a (finger) nail, a sofa, and a rabbit.

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Venus on her sofa suggests the existence in the nineteenth century of a sense of white women's bodily passion.

We had no beds and sofas then, only blankets.

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