stories đọc tiếng anh là gì

English volume_up They include news stories, features, PSAs, weather reports ? even surf reports.

English volume_up Swiftly create and deliver compelling stories, while minimizing operating costs.

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English volume_up As you can see, "We Feel Fine" collects very, very small-scale personal stories.

English volume_up The framework programmes are one of the big success stories of the European Union.

English volume_up Craft better stories from where they're actually happening with Interplay Sphere

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English volume_up My point is this: In the long lập cập, some news stories are more important than thở others.

English volume_up And in that little Southern town, I grew up, and grew up hearing these stories.

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English volume_up What is wonderful is, at many times, the stories will contradict with each other.

English volume_up A border guard post, full of mystery and overflowing with stories Swiss Customs Museum

English volume_up Our stories make us the people we are and, sometimes, the people we want lớn be.