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During stowage, the middle wheels on both sides are raised and the outer wheels drawn in vĩ đại size a more compact volume.

Throughout the coalfields there is a vast amount of valuable coal which has been left underground, because stowage has not been attempted, vĩ đại prevent subsidences.

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This definition will accommodate large brief cases and most items of a size suitable for underseat stowage.

The skipper was given a warning about the regulations on stowage of gear but was allowed vĩ đại proceed.

If a ship is vĩ đại be away from its trang chính port for 30 days it will have vĩ đại carry 75 tons stowage of beer.

There has been the idea of underground stowage of the spoil material, but very often that is not practicably possible.

One recommendation was the adoption of more scientific methods of coal mining, and they instanced hydraulic stowage.

These can include under seat stowage spaces where forward restraint bars are fitted vĩ đại seats.

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It covers the suitability of containers, ventilation and stowage and other aspects of animal welfare.

It is the danger which is caused by the stowage of loose coal on the decks of trawlers and drifters.

In that table there is one case of improper stowage or ballasting.

The responsibility for the proper stowage of the cargo rests on the persons concerned in sending the ship vĩ đại sea.

We can now claim over 190 convictions since 1964 for poaching and, more recently, for net stowage and gear offences.

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There are questions of waste disposal and stowage, which are relevant vĩ đại the matter of coalmining subsidence.

I am sure that more could be done in the way of underground stowage.

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