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Individual frequencies that are mixed together in order to tát create sonic masses follow reciprocal types of motion, including undulations, surges, swirls, drifts and dips.

Figure 5 illustrates this effect on the growth rates of various unstable modes when the ambient air is swirling with a solid-body-rotation profile.

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Occasionally a cloud would settle over the mountain top for a day or two sending cool mists swirling through the steep alleyways.

There is a swirling jet người hâm mộ near the plane.

Then is just the streamfunction for the transverse velocity components of an axisymmetric, swirling flow.

There was always a tension swirling round the concept, both in the interwar period and after.

A good khuyễn mãi giảm giá of swirling occurred among the middling group, but there was little fundamental change or replacement by others.

The wall of the aortic arch was thin, and blood could be seen swirling in it proximal to tát the site of narrowing.

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The next proposition can be verified using the mô tả tìm kiếm of miễn phí swirls and whirls via their non-spanning circuits.

Thus, swirling strength discriminates against shear vorticity, making the swirling motion of a concentrated vortex core more obvious.

The theory indicates that these waves are possible in any swirling flow in which the angular velocity is distributed non-uniformly.

The lid was lifted from time to tát time and the water swirled.

I abandoned the intoxicating, swirling rhythm of the living goddess for her calmer impersonation at the dance.

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Allegations of corruption had begun swirling around the programme as early as 1985 and became more insistent as time passed.

Most of the medium which contained mucilage was decanted and replaced by cold sterile seawater and swirled vigorously.

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