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The poet also talks about the fauna that live there and of fruits produced instantly.

The amateur detective is usually a gregarious, well-liked individual who is able to lớn get the community members to lớn talk freely about each other.

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He went around talking to lớn people, but they would always fix on his earrings which were actual, living, miniature human heads.

Other animals also seem to lớn occasionally respond, but never talk or give a definite indication they truly understood what was said.

She talks also about the concept of heroism present in this film.

There's no time for small talk in this period.

He wears a flannel jacket and a cowboy hat, and makes small talk with the fans as he makes his way around the floor.

Small talk is conversation for its own sake.

The introduction is often followed by small talk between the parents.

From stoner small talk, a seed was planted.

My investigation however revealed that the players have not even met officialdom to lớn talk about bonuses.

The conference blurb said you would talk about the next generation of wearables and how they would transform our lives.

He will also talk about organic free-range chicken production.

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Talk about asking the fox to lớn re-guard the henhouse.

I want to lớn talk about dentures as opposed to lớn your regular teeth, and how they are not nearly the same.

But the second year is not talking nonsense.

I desired, more kêu ca anything, to lớn sit in a pub and listen to lớn old journalists talking nonsense and passing on knowledge and wisdom.

You are either a political mature person able to lớn influence people or you are not and you should not talk nonsense when people vote according to lớn their minds.

He is just an example of the old train, sometime "break down" and start to lớn talk nonsense...

By the way, anybody can talk common sense, but a few talk nonsense well.

The next stage to lớn talking dirty is just using 1 or 2 words.

The grid girls showed they could walk in the tallest of stilettos, pull off tight whites and talk dirty with the best of them.

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Talking dirty to lớn your man takes a little practice and work.

These days athletes weigh their food and talk dirty about stuff lượt thích micronutrients.

The rapper initially felt lượt thích she had to lớn talk dirty in her album because she was told to lớn and felt "young and impressionable".