temperance là gì

In other words, the virtue of temperance was extended to lớn the community.

Dignified defiance is mostly fueled by dignity as a virtue, a strong sense of self-worth, courage, wisdom, temperance, and justice.

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Through his charts and schedules, he outlined his experiment in self-improvement to lớn attain virtue, industry, orderliness, and temperance, among other characteristics.

Temperance is probably the cardinal virtue most strongly associated with dignity, although one has to lớn bear in mind that it always combines with wisdom.

Temperance was represented as the virtue necessary to lớn establishing this balance.

Ironically, when that source of professional temperance is completely lost, we will appreciate that professionalism's true value is something that a market just cannot calculate.

Involves regulation of private sector; related to lớn local business, entertainment, temperance, streetcar regulations, or morality.

And finally, wisdom is required to lớn inform selfdiscipline or temperance.

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Again, it becomes clear that temperance is required for dignity, as are wisdom and justice.

Temperance could be rehabilitated as a green virtue that emphasizes the importance of reducing consumption.

For example temperance in food consumption is relative to lớn the size and activity of the individual.

The former was a non-denominational temperance organisation for children aged between about six and fourteen years.

Participation in temperance activities was for some a radicalizing experience which led them to lớn question the legitimacy of autocracy.

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The commonplaces of courage and temperance prove popular once more.

The qualities of courage and temperance, however, were represented as especially vital to lớn the success of the enterprise.

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