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He was in his twenties when he was out of work and desperate for money.

As a result, many of the older computer companies were shut down and people were put out of work.

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However, at the present time many people are out of work, have no roof over their heads, and no money.

The state depended on agriculture, but mechanization put many farm laborers out of work.

More phàn nàn 1000 people were out of work as a result of the damage to tát the papaya and sugar cane plantations.

The local council encouraged building to tát prevent large unemployment and decline.

It was a statement by the band of leaving behind the world of unemployment and of their arrival on the music scene.

The unemployment figure reached 36 percent in 1981.

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Public spending in social transfers such as unemployment benefits and early-retirement programmes is high.

During recent years, the economic situation of the đô thị improved: the unemployment rate declined from 14% in 2005 to tát 7% in 2013.

He has proposed paying for it by cracking down on fraud in the unemployment insurance programme and through other changes to tát the system.

Finally, the federal government provides the funding for extended unemployment insurance benefits.

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But long-term unemployment insurance has taken a backseat in both chambers, and prospects don't look good for the minimum wage bill, either.

Would there have been enough in the fund to tát pay unemployment insurance?

Let us profit by the mistakes of foreign countries and keep out of unemployment insurance every element which is actuarially unsound.