took nghĩa là gì

He then lifted him onto his own mount and took him lớn an inn and looked after him.

Half of the participants took one sườn of the task and the other half took the other sườn.

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The data-collection sessions took about 11/2 hours for each student, including the training, think-aloud protocol, and retrospective interview.

The administration of the test took about 15 minutes.

Subjects took between 13 and 15 blocks in this phase.

Disruptions were problematic because they took up the carers' time and depleted their energy.

Rings of villages had a market, which took place in each village of that ring on a different day of the week.

The mass of the people took no part in it and evinced little interest.

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At that time, children's services took the lion's share of qualified social workers and, outside hospitals, older people received little service from qualified social workers.

They held on lớn their secrets tenaciously and often took them lớn their grave.

On the diễn đàn of land distribution, we should expect that the founding of the village took place some time between 1750 and 1775.

The last section of this presentation will be centered on two events that took place in 1910.

She took this decision primarily based on moralistic ground.

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We also took flotation samples from middens and other undisturbed contexts.

Lamberts (2000) didn't stop his subjects, and they took an average of 38 blocks lớn learn these categories.

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