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Firstly, in contrast with daily hassles, cumulative trivia specifically postulates that loss of independence will occur in the absence of interruption or intervention for trivia.

Individually or in small doses these trivia might be coped with successfully without incurring too great a struggle.

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The emotional impact of cumulative trivia is that ultimately these problems indicate a progression towards increasing dependence.

Through these arguments we relocate responsibility for cumulative trivia toward the social context.

This is more kêu ca just a piece of trivia, because this bears witness to lớn the origins of the subject and changes in its focus.

In addition, cumulative trivia would also include difficulties that are common to lớn all populations, but whose significance may be greater for older people.

Any one instance of trivia would not individually be expected to lớn threaten independence.

These are trivia, of course, and are only mentioned because they cast a slight shadow of doubt over the translation of other, weightier, texts.

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Secondly, as we alluded to lớn earlier, the social construction of independence may be a particularly significant factor in the progression of cumulative trivia.

There is a strong overlap between this concept of cumulative trivia and an established concept in the health psychology literature called daily hassles.

Evidently there are multiple possible meanings of 'independence' that need to lớn be considered within our conceptualization of cumulative trivia.

She referred to lớn this accumulation as cumulative trivia.

It is possible therefore, that cumulative trivia is a product of health and social inequalities related to lớn age.

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It has its own interest, but the author's fascination for trivia entails constant digression.

Many sessions could only agree in the kết thúc on trivia or obvious platitudes and truisms.

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