turbidity là gì

Such flows occur commonly in nature, examples being katabatic winds and turbidity currents in the oceans.

In addition, experiments were monitored as a function of phage progeny release rather phàn nàn turbidity decline.

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A similar concept has guided research on turbidity cur rents and is widely and very effectively used in sedimentology.

Lysis profiles typically display significant variation between repetitions in terms of absolute turbidities attained and in terms of overall experimental durations.

Papers khuyễn mãi giảm giá with a range of natural systems, including siliciclastic turbidity cur rents and debris flows, pyroclastic mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa cur rents and avalanches.

Preservational mechanisms producing these include seasonal floods in alluvial regimes, storm deposition in lagoonal and shelf environments, and turbidity flows in deep-water settings.

The siliciclastic sediments were mainly deposited by turbidity cur rents and to tát a lesser extent by mass-flow processes.

The movement of snow in an avalanche and the motion of sediment in a reservoir often occurs in the khuông of a turbidity current.

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A limiting factor to tát the investigation is that turbidity develops as a consequence of the transition from the basic khuông to tát the acid one.

The increase in turbidity may be also attributable to tát bacterial regrowth.

A primary example is water quality, which incorporates measures such as turbidity, acidity and nutrient load.

Vortices and turbidity currents may keep finer-grained sediments in suspension until the effect of the vortices is lessened.

Suspended solids raise water turbidity, reduce light penetration, and hence plant production.

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These are usually called turbidity currents.

When the aggregates were disrupted by vigorously shaking the tube, turbidity was observed as a result of the dispersion of single cells in the culture medium.

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