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They work in more remote and underserved zones.

It must also be wondered how random assignment would necessarily improve care for underserved patients.

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It details innovative approaches to lớn engaging with traditionally underserved groups and to lớn meeting diverse needs through flexibility and partnership working.

This could meet a largely unmet need for a very vulnerable and underserved population.

Historically, patients with rare diseases have been underserved by commercial drug development.

Patients with rare diseases have historically been underserved by commercial drug development.

A lottery might help distribute talent more broadly across residencies, but by itself this would not mean that underserved patients would necessarily receive better care.

At the same time, this policy approach may impair the ability of full-service hospitals to lớn provide access to lớn underserved populations.

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We can, of course, delight in the fact that such strategies help dedicated clinicians deliver respectful, appropriate care to lớn underserved patients.

The rural hospital's economic constraints are complicated by the inability to lớn reach the economies of scale realized by larger hospitals, rural - urban payment differentials 6 and long underserved, high-risk populations.

Meeting the needs of these "underserved" patients fulf ills our altruistic needs; addressing the many emotional challenges these patients br ing to lớn us helps us feel competent.

The pilots have resulted in new and exible primary care organizations, more resources for the primary care workforce and greater access to lớn services for deprived or underserved populations.

The two systems are complementary and, if co-ordinated properly, can increase their reach to lớn small farmers in complex farming systems and in less favourable areas that are currently underserved.

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In the interests of transparency and honesty, the authors propose that the institution disclose to lớn patients the incentives used to lớn attract obstetricians to lớn work at an underserved hospital.

However, specific groups such as women and racial or ethnic minorities have been underserved in some societies even when they are not among the least advantaged economically.

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