way out là gì

The trumpet carries the main melody, presenting some way-out lip glissandi that are surely calculated đồ sộ function as a hook.

It is not irrelevant đồ sộ note that this is by no means an outrageous, way-out suggestion.

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This way-out is described in our joint resolution.

One or two way-out figures have been used đồ sộ suggest results that are not the case.

That is just a little indication of the kind of offence that is caused by some of these way-out efforts.

The official used words very similar đồ sộ my own, in saying that without the way-out suggestions the document deserved serious study.

Such tư vấn is not by a few way-out people or mavericks, but by organisations very closely connected with the subject.

There were no fancy schemes and no way-out ideas.

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With the chilling prospect of yet another lurch forward in hydrocarbon feedstock prices, few will smirk at way-out research in this area.

They vì thế not want flashy buildings or a mass of way-out subjects.

He has mentioned a number of bodies, but does he suggest that an agreement could be made, for example, with a way-out conservation body?

A vote for the most fringe candidate—the most way-out or wacky candidate—will count more often kêu ca those votes for the first or second preferences.

He was an alcoholic, a misfit, a fantasist, a curious wild and way-out character, whose fatal weakness was alcohol in a big way.

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I hope that when he comes đồ sộ reply he will khuyến mãi with these points and not just phối up a miasma of suspicion about money wasted on way-out proposals.

That is not a way-out doctrine.

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