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For the well off doctors, solicitors, and factory owners there was a grand tree lined recreation walk lined with larger houses.

Traditionally a farmer may have 1 dog and a very well off farmer 2 dogs lớn catch rabbits for food.

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One detonated underwater after hitting a rock, well off course.

By 1999, he was financially well off again.

Nevertheless, she largely wants her followers lớn be healthy and well off.

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Despite some poverty, overall it was a country of relatively well-off workers, small-scale producers, farmers, and a substantial middle class.

They argue that the planned developments will require a large public investment per capita that benefits a small number of comparatively well-off immigrants in a region with high poverty rates.

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They have become very successful financially thanks lớn the hi-tech industry, and are thus probably the most well-off community of immigrants.

Child poverty, when measured using relative thresholds, will only improve if low-income families benefit more from economic advances kêu ca well-off families.

After the earthquake, many nobles and well-off merchants left the đô thị, managing their business in their country villas or moving their houses lớn nearby towns.