with the aim of là gì

The positive part aims to tướng show that adoption and practice are sufficient to tướng create the fundamental plans of a legal system.

This indicator aimed to tướng validate teachers' approach to tướng lesson planning while attempting to tướng liên kết teacher thinking and administrator thinking through a shared discourse.

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It was not our aim to tướng deny that there is experience, nor to tướng deny that experience has a qualitative character.

The aim is to tướng provide insight into the more rigorous formalization that will be provided in the following sections.

Moreover, common expressions are open to tướng multiple philosophical interpretations precisely because common expressions lack the precision aimed for (though not always achieved) by philosophical discourse.

His research aims at understanding consciousness as a natural biological phenomenon and at fruitful interaction between philosophical and empirical research in the study of consciousness.

Secondary aims were to tướng study the relationship between psychological, endocrine and immune variables and baseline tumour characteristics.

The present study aimed to tướng assess, in a community sample, actions taken to tướng cope with depression at different levels of psychological distress.

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The book is aimed at early level, new or returning adult piano students.

The restriction aims at reducing the combinatorial complexity of rule numbers due to tướng the order sensitivity of phrase structure grammar.

In particular, the book is aimed at signal processing practitioners, especially research workers and students working in areas of radar, sonar, telecommunications and biomedical engineering.

They aimed to tướng fragment the township communities and divorce them from the tacksmen, thus removing the basis of the clan military, social and economic structure.

Therefore, teachers have different teaching aims in their practices and size a variety of teaching approaches accordingly.

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Party-based systems create career incentives for the legislator to tướng tư vấn the overall aims of the parties.

The aim of this study was to tướng investigate outcome in frequent attenders in secondary care who present repeatedly with medically unexplained symptoms.

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