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Moreover, after pumpkin physiological maturity, yam development was enhanced by the residual soil nutrients and moisture.

Successful protocols for this would have a tremendous impact on yam cultivation.

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During the yam growing season, however, which lasted 7 months (including the transitional periods), only 30 conflict cases were documented.

Through this practice, pumpkin had a greater influence on the hydrothermal regime of the associated yam before the tubers were harvested.

On the other hand, that they cultivate yams is itself a culturally transmitted behavior.

These data serve to tát emphasize the importance of and the possible interrelations between the timing of phenological events in yams.

Using gibberellic acid to tát control sprouting of yam tubers.

The same observation is true for yam mucilage.

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The tubers in both the yam barn and the growth chamber were kept in moist coir, such that all were subject to tát similar humidity.

In the sub-plots of 10.5 m x 9.5 m, eight rows of pumpkin bordered 10 rows of yam with the rows 0.50 m apart.

Most tubers from cultivated yams are elongated cylinders rounded at both ends.

Effects of cultivations and heights and directions of staking on yield and general performance of eight yam cultivars.

Yam tubers without blemish and about 10 centimet in diameter and đôi mươi centimet in length were regarded as ware tubers.

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Stimulating the sprouting of yam tubers with ethephon.

Variability in elephant foot yam following hybridization and open pollination.

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